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Esoteric Meditation Workshop for Beginners

        Light Net is regularly conducting a 2 days intensive workshop (a weekend retreat), entitled "Esoteric Meditation for Beginners", to enable people wishing to learn meditation for the first time, practice a method that is truly esoteric, yet safe, practical and scientific or systematic. Originally intended only for Light Net volunteers and men and women of goodwill who wants to serve humanity via esoteric means, it has now been opened to the public who are interested in meditation but with no intention to be involved in organized world service, due to the enormous benefits it can give to the person, and to all of humanity in general. (See also the Free Soul-Centered Life Seminar-1 that also features a meditation workshop, minus the comprehensive concentration exercises and the ambiance/amenities of a retreat house)

        The usual problem confronting a person interested in meditation is how to start and what meditation technique to work on. In the early stages of his search, he will be swamped by all kinds of books, CDs, and seminar programs around offering different methods of meditation with varied portfolio of promises, ranging from relaxation, healing, initiation, instant "opening" of psychic powers to god realization! The cautious beginner, overwhelmed, cannot decide and oftentimes will just put off the idea of meditation to some other time until he finally abandons the desire to practice it, to his regret later in life. The adventurous but reckless beginner, on the otherhand, will jump on to and practice every meditation system he encounters until he realize late in life how much time and money he wasted; worst, he might find himself in physical or psychological wreck.

        We put much emphasis on safety, practicality, psychological soundness and correctness of the meditation technique we teach to beginners. Why is this so? Aren't all meditation methods the same? Sad to say, not all meditation methods are the same. This does not imply that one meditation method can be superior to the other but the fact that there are techniques not suited to certain types of person's lifestyle, eating habits, culture, surroundings, health or even religious affiliations. Each meditation has its own purpose too. And just like any other techniques, there is such thing as incorrect practice that gives riseto a lot of problems to many.

        To illustrate the point, some beginners are merely looking for meditational technique to relax themselves from too much work-related stress. Unaware of the differences, he might find himself enrolling on a very expensive meditation course that aims to awaken one's kundalini or one that will develop his ESP. These courses require a person to be precise, rigorous and dead serious in his practice, exposing himself to potential health or nervous disorders, where in fact what he needs is simple breathing exercises to relax his body and go to sleep after work. Had he known this, he could have just invested his money somewhere else.

        On the other extreme, there are people seeking to meditate to find meaning in life or to experience the spiritual or wishing to attain 'yoga' or union with the divine. They will find counting their breath, staring on a blank wall for hours or even going down to their alpha meditative levels for a relaxation response all useless for their profound yearnings.

        There are also practical people who are open minded and who must have read the empowering benefits of meditation. They will give it a try to make their lives more effective, and at the same time supplement whatever religion they are practising. Unfortunately, they are sometimes enticed to attend free meditation courses that require the initiation of bearded characters or gurus and a change to rigid diets and ascetic lifestyles. Instead of empowering themselves, they develop dependence on guru personalities and drag themselves deeper, unknowingly, into a Hindu-based religion they never desired in the first place.

        Light Net's "Esoteric Meditation for Beginners" will empower the participants to be in charge of their own life and spirituality. There are no divine master figures or 'guru' personalities to 'initiate' you and recruit you to their religion. The workshops are facilitated and organized by a professional team of experienced meditators. They are practical and do have their own decent jobs and live normal lives with their families. When not at work, they dedicate part of their lives to esoteric study and practical service to humanity.

        The core of the program being offered to you is based on the tradition and system of meditation laid down in Alice A. Bailey's 25 books on esoteric philosophy, and which is fit for men and women living in modern societies with busy work schedules. The method is systematic and comprehensive, beginning with the development of the concentration to the full use of the power of thought with guided exercises and drills. The potential of the mind as a tool for creating thoughts and later on for building bridges to awaken intuition are all covered. It is up to the participant if he wants to make this a life-long practice that will ultimately lead to the complete development of one's inner potentials. The other side-benefits of this practice are enumerated elsewhere below. The program content has also undergone a psychological audit by a competent psychologist to ensure the soundness of its methods.

        Sign up now and practice meditation without the superstition and exaggerated mystical ballyhoo associated with it. Our program is no-nonsense. It is practical and does not require any initiations from bearded characters; it gets you started after the 1 day session. It will help you meditate correctly while maintaining your mental health and sanity :)

What you will learn either from the Free Workshop or the Weekend Retreat:

  • learn and confidently practice a meditation technique that is safe, sound and systematic and free from any dependence from guru personalities and cults.
  • learn psycho-spiritual tools that will help develop skills in concentration, creative thinking, visualization, creation and use of the power of thought.
  • learn how to reduce stress and the techniques to boost self healing.
  • correct misconceptions and wrong expectations in Meditation; and to be able to differentiate between popular meditation techniques and their inherent benefits and dangers.
  • appreciate Meditation as a powerful form of World Service
  • introduction to the basic concepts of the Ageless Wisdom
(Note: Participants should divide between themselves the actual cost of venue, materials, accomodation, or transportation. Resource speakers from Light Net do not charge anything for this service.)

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