"Now is the need and the demand...

to sacrifice all we have to the helping of humanity" -- DK

Links to esoteric groups based on the Ageless wisdom

"Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone."         (Mantram of Unification)

"There is an almost sensual longing for communion with others who have a larger vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendships between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality almost impossible to describe."   (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)

Some modern esoteric schools

  • The Arcane School
    This school was founded by Alice A. Bailey in New York in 1923, specializing in esoteric discipleship training. They carefully distinguish themselves as not a probationary path type of group that is involved in psychism or astralism, but they neither claim to be an advanced one - the future schools that is involved in preparing disciples for the great initiations. As an intermediate type of esoteric school, the work involves the self-discipline ("discipleship") of integrating the personality with that of the Soul. Instructions are via correspondence using the distance learning model, with focus on 3 areas- study, meditation, and service. The scope of materials will cover a lifetime of training. Orientation is towards the new emerging pattern of presentation of the mystery teachings that combine the east and the west. Not mystical or transcendental, but occult and practical.

  • School for Esoteric Studies
    The School for Esoteric Studies provides discipleship training by correspondence (in English, Italian, and Spanish) based on the Ageless Wisdom teachings as compiled by Alice Bailey and Master Djwhal Khul, with an emphasis on meditation, study, and service and designed to produce World Servers.

  • University of Seven Rays - Morya Federation Online School of Esoteric Education
    This is a new initiative started by the University of the Seven Rays that aims to teach the Ageless Wisdom (and train future esotericists) derived from the inspiration of both DK and the Master M. It will be structured formally much like a formal University but content will be delivered online. There will be a 2-year and a 5-year program. It calls itself a "Federation", because a number of emerging and existent esoteric schools and colleges are affiliated with it, much like a faculty consortium.

  • Theosophical Society
    The society was founded by Helena P. Blavatsky in New York City in 1875. This is often referred to as the first modern public revival of the mystery schools in the Western world since the dark ages (when most esoteric groups went underground to shield themselves from persecution). However, it is not offering any structured or systematized form of esoteric training. To fully benefit from the group, one has to be pro-active and participate in its Theosophical correspondence courses, self-transformation seminar-workshops, and seek entrance into its esoteric section, if available in a local lodge.

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Some esoteric educational groups

  • Agni Yoga Society
    "The Agni Yoga Society was founded in 1920 by Nicholas Roerich and his wife Helena. The Society has little formal structure. There are no schools, no study courses, no classes. But it is available to all who study the books. Unlike previous yogas, Agni Yoga is a path not of physical disciplines, meditation, or asceticism, but of practice in daily life. It is the yoga of fiery energy, of consciousness, of responsible, directed thought. Though not systematized in an ordinary sense, Agni Yoga is a Teaching that helps the discerning student to discover moral and spiritual guide-posts by which to learn to govern his or her life and thus contribute to the Common Good. For this reason Agni Yoga has been called a "living ethic."

  • Torkom Saraydarian Group University
    They offer short term online courses on esoteric sciences and full length degrees as well. It was founded by Gita Saraydarian in the US after the death of her father, Torkom, a prolific writer and teacher of the Ageless wisdom teachings. Torkom's writings incorporated the teachings of Agni Yoga to the AAB-HPB stream. Most notable is his talent to simply complex esoteric concepts into simple words and tell them in the light of his own experiences and life stories.

  • White Mountain Education Association
    The association is located in Arizona and has been in existence long before the TSG Foundation was established. Similarly, the teachings are based on Agni Yoga and AAB. Torkom Saraydarian also contributed much to the resource materials in this training institute.

  • Rosicrucian Fellowship
    A modern version of Rosicrucianism introduced by Max Heindel in 1910 that is consistent with the core principles of the Ageless Wisdom and the cosmology of HP Blavatsky. The focus of the group are spiritual healing, spiritual astrology, and the esoteric interpretation of the Christian Bible.

  • General Anthroposophical Society
    Anthroposophy started in Germany in 1912 by Rudolf Steiner. The spiritual teachings were derived from HPB's Theosophical stream but this new version was made more practical. It has a strong focus on social transformation via the introduction of its own spiritually based system of education, banking, medicine, and even agriculture. Esoteric training is being done through its School of Spiritual Science.

  • The School of Ageless Wisdom
    This group is dedicated to the study and dissemination of the cosmology and teachings of the ageless wisdom based on the writings of Alice Bailey and Helena Roerich's Agni Yoga. Its foremost service activity is anchored on the educational fields - the pedagogical model and curricula of the Robert Muller School, Balanced Beginnings, and the Global Elementary Curricular Model of the United Nations.

  • Astara
    Its esoteric teachings also descended from the Ageless Wisdom stream of HPB-AAB plus the founders' own spiritual experiences and practices. It was founded in 1951 by the late Earlyne and Robert Chaney.

  • Aetherius Society
    An international spiritual organization founded in the mid-1950s by George King in London after he was contacted by a Being who claimed to be an "extraterrestrial intelligence". The teachings of Master Aetherius, except for the unique terminologies used, are in alignment with Ageless wisdom teachings of the HPB-AAB stream. Their teaching emphasized selfless service to others as a means to personal and planetary evolution.

Some occult, ritualistic & fraternal orders

  • Servants of the Light (SOL)
    A school of the Western Mystery Tradition tracing its modern day roots to Dion Fortune of the Golden Dawn and, later of her own: Society of the Inner Light.  A fully contacted school, SOL was formally established as an independent esoteric school in 1972 by WE Butler and Gareth Knight. Its focus is meditation and path working on the Qabalistic tree of life, Arthurian myths and symbols, and training on individual and group ritual work. Current director of studies is Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and their headquarrter is in the UK but they also accept students worldwide via their correspondence course.

  • International Co-Freemasonry - Le Droit Humain
    This brand of freemasonry is open to both men and women without distinction of ethnicity and personal beliefs, and was promoted by Annie Besant in the early 20th century. Freemasonry, in general, is the 7th and 1st ray expression of the ancient wisdom and has co-existed together with other esoteric schools since the middle ages.

  • Builders of the Adytum
    BOTA was founded by Dr. Paul Foster Case which first became a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn. In cooperation with an inner school adept, he established this new order which incorporated the teachings of the Holy Qabalah, the Tarot, symbols of Freemasonry, and the core principles of the Ageless Wisdom.

  • Fraternity of the Hidden Light
    This Order has the same lineage as BOTA and uses the same body of teaching given by Paul Foster Case. But they are more ritually oriented and has more temple-lodges for group ritual work.

  • Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn
    Among all the remaining Golder Dawn Orders existing today, this is so far the most transparent, democratic and accessible (web-based) to any seekers wishing to study its systems and occult rituals.

Some training institutes

  • Universal Healing Tao Center
    A training center offering a complete system of Taoist esoteric yoga. This center is based in Thailand and their workshop are being offered there, but there are also affiliated centers worldwide that offer its training program. For seekers who are interested in making his physical, as well as his etheric or energy or "chi" body strong and on top health condition. The beauty of this system is that it is D.I.Y. friendly. One can just order their books online and the instructions in it are easy to follow and understand.

  • Healing Tao USA (Michael Winn)
    This center is affiliated and has originated from Mantak Chia's Universal Tao system. Michael Winn added his own insights and new spin to the techniques based on his own personal experiences from his training from other Taoist masters in China.

  • Ananda Marga Yoga
    If the spiritual seeker really wants to go deeper into Hatha yoga or in practising the Asanas, Ananda Marga's brand of yoga is one of the better schools. They have been in their craft for a very long time and they are serious about man's holistic health and well-being. Their instructors are not only graduates of yoga teaching certificate courses, but (more important) they are also spiritual practitioners of this path for real. They embrace the yoga philosophy and most of the instructors are missionaries. However, one is free not be involved in the initiatory or religious processes of the group. They are also actively involved in human betterment initiatives, ecology, social justice, and in the education and empowerment of underdeveloped communities.

  • International Network of Esoteric Healing
    Their training program is based on the ideas presented in Alice A. Bailey's excellent book, "Esoteric Healing". While the techniques of energy healing may include their own innovative interpretations, the causes of diseases, the rules for healing, as well as the more important concept that alignment to one's Soul is the only lasting source of healing are all based on the original spirit of AAB's teachings.

  • BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC)
    This institute modernized ancient esoteric techniques and ageless wisdom concepts and adapted them for use of people in leadership positions, business executives, professional, and university students. Master Del Pe developed this new presentation to be delivered in a non-dogmatic and empowering way, minus the cultic or "guru-worship" mentality that usually goes with similar systems. His institute teaches energy healing sciences, meditation, and other esoteric technologies to maximize performance, organizational leadership and productivity, and methods to develop the human energy centers.

  • Institute for Inner Studies
    The late Master Choa Kok Sui pioneered the systematization of the Ancient art of Pranic Healing into a replicable and teachable science. The training institute he founded aims to propagate pranic healing on a global scale, which in effect, validates the existence of what the Ageless Wisdom terms as the etheric plane or the bio-magnetic energy field surrounding the planet. His institute also teaches a form of kundalini yoga meditation which he termed, "Arhatic yoga".

  • Inner Mind Development Institute
    Jimmy Licauco, author of many books on paranormal research and psychic phenomena, founded this scientific training institute for developing the inner mind. Accordingly, the training aims in making the left and right hemispheres of the brain function as a unified whole. He uses some ageless wisdom teachings and recent discoveries in PSI sciences, as bases for his programmes.