"Now is the need and the demand...

to sacrifice all we have to the helping of humanity" -- DK

Helping to Weave a Network of Light

What is a unit of service?

As we define it, a unit of service is a small group of people who voluntarily committed themselves to allot some of their time and to work together to perform selfless service activities for the benefit of humanity and The Christ. Most of the people are usually serious students of the ageless wisdom (whether studying independently or through an esoteric school), students of other metaphysical traditions, awakened Christians who believe they are their brothers' keepers, and other spiritually-minded men and women of goodwill. They are driven by the inner spiritual call to help out humanity in the best possible ways within their capability, and according to its present needs. They share a common vision that a better world for all of humanity is achievable.

They also agree to serve humanity in specific ways, either locally (actual community projects) or globally (through the internet or through the power of thought). Some common activities within units of service are:

  • Triangles of light work - usually basic to all in the unit
  • Monthly full moon group meditations
  • Distribution of literature regarding the Great Invocation, Goodwill work, newsletters, Triangles, etc.
  • Promotion of The Great Invocation, and the spiritual festivals
  • Organizing events to build right human relations and goodwill
  • Holding of group studies regarding social problems and their solutions
  • Environmental initiatives in the community
  • Volunteering and cooperating on other community initiatives for human betterment and peace
  • Cooperation with others in the minimization of animal cruelty
  • Livelihood, educational, and other projects to improve the quality of life
  • Dissemination of the spiritual technologies for service so that units of service are replicated everywhere expanding the network of light and goodwill
  • And many other avenues or creative ways that will raise the level of human consciousness and positively transform the mental and spiritual climate of the planet

Outreach service activities

Our streamlined service outreach activities are not designed to proselytize, recruit, or "convert" anyone, as we are not a membership organization. We are sharing what we have done in the past regarding group work (including our mistakes) and the present too so that we can do our part in helping to weave and expand the network of light and goodwill in the planet. We also wish to inform people who are already interested in these studies and those who resonate with our metaphysical framework about the existence of spiritual tools available to serve humanity through the power of thought at their own convenient time and encourage them to actually do the work. They can do it individually, or if they are within our city, together with us, or they can alternatively form their own groups autonomously.

All of our seminars or talks are offered free of any fees. While there is a cliche to the effect that "you get what you pay for..." that disparages anything free or inexpensive, we completely disagree with it because we believe that esoteric or spiritual teachings or even "Soul-realization" should never be commodified in the first place. And rest assured, we always strive to be perfect in what we offer so we don't give back lemons, in exchange for the valuable time investment of our participants.

But we also don't judge those who charge fees because sometimes these are necessary if the service provider organization is big, or they do it full time, so they definitely need funds to cover the cost of operations, like venue of events, travel, promotion, printing, office space, payroll of staff, etc.. For some, this is simply done to filter out the dabblers, the frivolous, the trolls, and the organizational raiders. For our part, this is our own unique way of giving back as our own Soul, intuition, or inner teachers did not bill us any money for the wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration we received. And we do it on the side (weekends usually) and always strive to make our operating costs small and "out-of-pockets" manageable.

We organize our seminars locally from time to time, depending on the availability of our resources. Alternatively, an existing group or a number of people can also organize such an event and invite us as presentors or resource persons. This can be done in small function rooms at local libraries or bookshops, a cabin at the lake during summers, or a host living room. We are also working hard to make the contents and materials available online through webcasting and webinars in the near future, as the technological resources become available to us. For inquiries or to verify if an event is by Light Net, please contact us.

Currently, there are 3 outreach activities we offer to help weave the network of light:

  1. Basic assumptions of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings

    A 4-hour talk (a "crash course", in fact) outlining the basic postulates of the modern presentation of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings (from the AAB-DK tradition) that serve as the metaphysical/philosophical framework behind esoteric forms of service, like The Great Invocation, the Triangles work, and Full moon group meditation. The procedures on how to perform them are also included.

    This talk or lecture is envisioned to be helpful to the following participants:
    • Individuals who want to join our unit of service or who wants to form their own groups. For those new to the Ageless wisdom teachings paradigm, this is designed to connect and integrate the participants' prior metaphysical readings and bits and pieces of new age information into a coherent whole. And for those already experienced in other metaphysical traditions, this will just level the understanding between the differences in the terminologies, definitions, assumptions, and concepts used.

    • For groups who are coming from different metaphyical or spiritual traditions but who are interested in adopting Triangles, or Full moon group meditation, or The Great Invocation as part of their service activities for human or planetary betterment. This will provide a leveling of undertanding and expectation.
    For those wishing to delve into a deeper study and practice of the Ageless wisdom teachings and esotericism, you may wish to read our Self-study guide for suggested reading lists, a self-training plan, or links to reputable esoteric schools.

  2. Effectively serving humanity through the power of thought

    A 4-hour workshop with the goal of helping existing full moon meditation groups or units of service or even metaphysical discussion groups who are just starting out, struggling to keep the weekly/monthly meetings regular, groups in distress (or is imploding due to personality clashes or psychic attacks), or simply groups wanting for more tips and techniques to deepen their commitment, cohesion, and usefulness in their service to humanity and The Christ.

    We will provide practical techniques and skills, which will include:
    • Group dynamics and handling personality conflicts. Based on our experience, misunderstanding arises if there is no unified purpose or vision among the core or leadership group. Contrary to common perception, diversity (in individual philosophical frameworks) will not work in a group setting, especially among leading or core members.

    • How to pass the rite of passage for successful groups. This is overcoming the "four tests or fires" that each group will internally undergo in order to be truly effective in being a channel of service for humanity

    • Protect your group from external threats. (a) Organizational raiders are persons who attend group meetings with a different agenda in mind - like, recruiting members for their MLM/networking business, selling and promoting their own new age products or services, those who convert the group into a social chitchat club during sessions, and those who fish members for their own organizations or spiritual traditions. (b) Coordinated psychic attacks against your group from jealous rival groups who think that spiritual organizations are not exempt from business competition models and will do everything to drive groups out of their way whom they consider as threats to their egos, and moreover to services or products they are offering, if any (and usually for profit).

    • Esoteric techniques to deepen individual and group meditation practices to make the group an agent and channel for higher energies and for building the planetary antakharana

    • How to do group distance energy healing /prayer service for sick members and their families

    • Practical administrative matters such as funding, bookkeeping, logistics, printing promotional materials, website development, incorporating, tax issues, and many more

  3. Living as a Soul Seminar

    An intensive 12-hour seminar-workshop that is offered in 6 weekly installments (2 hours per session per week). In contrast to our other lectures, this has some religious flavour in it (though nothing is to be accepted on blind faith alone; the seminar topics are similarly treated as working hypotheses or tentative propositions). This is an interface between metaphysics and Christian theology and is primarily designed for unaffiliated Christians wishing to regenerate, develop, or deepen their inner (spiritual) life within the Christian context and values and yet, have no intention to join any churches or organized religious groups.

    The content will be mostly practical in nature that includes:
    • Beautification of one's emotional nature
    • Healing of relationships
    • Theurgy: types and techniques of praying
    • Centering prayer and Meditation
    • Spiritual gifts and fruits
    • Working for alignment with the Christ within or Henosis
    • Simple ritual construction methods for important holidays, such as the Weekly Sabbath, Easter, Good Friday, Christmas, New year, Epiphany, Thanksgiving day, Marian feast, etc. that can be done at one's home or autonomous "Unit of love"
    • The Rite of Light adapted for small Christian units
    • Concepts of redemption and planetary healing
    • Collaborating with other groups for change
    • And many other topics

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