"Now is the need and the demand...

to sacrifice all we have to the helping of humanity" -- DK

Wesak 2021 and the Aquarian shift: Community pantries - start of the new economics of sharing?

Wesak Festival is a time of the year when meditating humanity invokes the Great Ones to create a great channel of light so that Divine Purpose can be made known to humanity through receptive human channels. The Taurean light also uplifts all life to freedom and synthesis by breaking the chains that bind humanity to materialism, selfishness, and age-old glamours. In the backdrop of the ongoing Aquarian shift, this is also the time when altruism, humanitarian ideals, and group-centeredness impact human consciousness.

Out of the blue about a week ago when Sun entered the cusp of Taurus, community pantries started to randomly sprout throughout all of the Philipines, a small developing nation in South East Asia where many people were economically impacted by lockdowns and massive job lay-offs due to the ongoing pandemic. It is like a hybrid of a soup kitchen and a food bank often seen in North America. But the difference is that the organizers are unknown and there is no central administration, unlike in North America where support from large charities and governments are evident. The concept is so simple. Through random acts of kindness, people who have more in life share their pantries - food stuff, veggies, rice, egg, meat, groceries - into a makeshift community table and pantry, and those who have less in life can take some according to their needs. No hoarding. The idea gained traction in a few days, and pantries sprouted all over the country. And as of this date, the idea is spreading all over its neighbouring countries in Asia. And if this pure concept is not muddled by politics and involutionary forces, we hope that this idea of sharing will spread all over the world.

As we mentioned before, this current world crisis won't probably end until humanity gets the message behind the outer events. If humanity acted based on spiritual values and leaders put truth and the common good above political expediency, we could have won over this crisis months ago. Nevertheless, the second phase of lessons is on its way. More than the first one which caused too much suffering and death due to the pandemic, economic dislocation and a poverty pandemic might comprise the 2nd phase of the lesson as a result of the numerous lockdowns made to save lives. More so if we insist on going back to our "old normal" ways of doing business and economics which is premised on the "service-to-self" paradigm, there will be inevitable losers and winners and the outcome will be disastrous for all of humanity.

We believe it is now ripe for the world to adopt a new framework, a new economics that will bring in selflessness and the renunciation of materialism, evoke the spirit of sharing and cooperation and a commitment for each part to work for wholeness to avert a forthcoming world economic catastrophe that will further plunge humanity into hunger, strife, and misery. We hope the seed of this new economics is already planted in the idea of the community pantries sprouting all over Asia. And that this idea spread like wild-fire to the rest of the world to spark a renaissance in doing business that will be premised on the new reality of "service-to-others" paradigm. This is not a new concept really. We just need to apply it to real life this time around, instead of just reading it from the Good books of diverse spiritual traditions.

Mahatma Gandhi put it this way: "The world has enough for everyone's needs, but not everyone's greed."

The Wesak Festival or the time of the Full Moon when the Sun is in the zodiacal sign of Taurus, happens on April 26th, 2021, Monday, 11:31 PM (EST). Just like the Easter Festival whose date varies with each year due to the phase of the moon, the Wesak festival is celebrated each year during the full moon (Sun in Taurus), and up to 3 days before and 3 days proceeding it. While it is generally known as the Festival of the Buddha in many Eastern cultures, this is considered the high point of the spiritual year by many esoteric traditions. Legend speaks of a sacred ceremony in which the Buddha, the Christ, and enlightened Beings at the heart of all faiths deliver a special blessing to the world that results in an unusual inflow of life and spiritual stimulation, vitalizing the aspiration of all people of goodwill everywhere.


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