"Now is the need and the demand...

to sacrifice all we have to the helping of humanity" -- DK

You're welcome to serve humanity with us

Light Net is an action-oriented, practical serving group. It has already got past the stage of endlessly trying to discuss or choose a Path from among the many. Seeking is good however it often results in cognitive dissonance if done forever. It is not that we already found and realized "The Truth" but that in order to move forward and arrive at it, we believe it is imperative to tentatively accept and settle down on certain assumptions and try them first before moving on to the next. If after sometime, it is proven to be ineffective and did not work for us, then we are free to ditch them out and move on with our search. In this way, metaphysical truths are treated scientifically, and not merely based on blind faith. Thus, we invite you to get off your feet now from that seat in your discussion group / fave reading chair / yoga mat, and stop dreaming; it will take thousands of years to transform yourself first (or reach "self-realization"). The world is fast changing and it doesn't have that much time to wait for you while it transitions to the new era. Nobody should be left behind. Serve humanity with us now (in our unit of service) or side-by-side with us (form your own) and see yourself transforming as a mature Soul in the process.

The truth is this is not about you personally

This is what many of us, metaphysical students, don't get. The spiritual technologies for service, as well as the esoteric disciplines of meditation, among many others, at this present point in time, is not about us, personally. They are all geared towards the immediate evolutionary needs of our Planetary Soul - that of the Great Being that ensouls Earth. All humans are nothing but cells of His Body. What is important right now is group or planetary evolution (the Cosmic initiation of our Planet), and not our own petty personal "enlightenment" and liberation. A person who is in too much haste for personal enlightenment might end up like, becoming a malignant cell that multiplies so rapidly ahead of other cells that its existence can bring more harm than good to the entire body.

Redesigning our virtual centre

After a long time, we finally decided to do a reorganization of our website. This involves removing contents that are no longer relevant, re-writing some articles, and a little retouching of the design of the pages itself to give it a new face. We will be adding more features soon. As this is an ongoing process, please bear with us if sometimes some links won't work yet. We are doing this project part time, usually at night, after the daily grind.